Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants

JOIN US on the 4th Wednesday of every month for 90 minute collaboration sessions!These sessions are a powerful forum where you can tap into other people’s experiences, education, connections to bring new ideas to your business and accelerate your success.

What is Collaboration Circle?

Collaboration Circle sessions provide:

  • A safe forum to test new ideas and concepts so you have more successful launches, events and product development.

  • Partnership/JV opportunities.

  • Potential new client connections

During the session, you can look forward to a combination of Teaching/Working time, hot seats, collaborating and networking.

Bring your sales pages, emails, offers and anything else you need help with. We’ll put the power of the hive mind to work to help!

  • Got a headline that’s not converting? Let the group discuss and provide alternative solutions.

  • Trying to choose between a few different logos or graphics? Let’s take a vote!

  • Maybe you’ve got several names for your new course or program and want to run it by people.

We’re building a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs that help each other succeed!

The best part? There is NO charge! JOIN US for our next session!

Our Invitation to You...

Please join our community at the next session:

December 27, 2023

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